YouTube's hidden Snake game is poised to waste more office time

First it was Google, with their playable Pac Man logo. Now YouTube has come up with their own way to help you kill those boring moments at work, with a hidden game of Snake.

To find it, you need to go to a video in the gaming category, click inside the area of the video, and then hold down the left arrow key. Soon a trail of white dots will start scrolling across the video, with a single blinking white dot that you need to steer your snake across. This is pretty tough on a busy background, but chances are somebody will post a plain black video to make it easier.

Snake goes back to the earliest days of gaming, but nobody seems to be sure how long YouTube has included this hidden Easter egg. It doesn't seem to work with embedded videos and even on the site making it work is a bit hit-and-miss, but once you start playing it becomes a bit like eating M&Ms, hard to stop.

An estimate claims that the Google Pac Man game killed 4.8 million working hours back in May, I wonder if YouTube's Snake will have a similar result?

YouTube, via

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