You lie down to use this odd solar-powered weed puller

While it may look odd, the Wunda Weeder may be quite the boon for farmers who have to weed large fields — work that involves a lot of bending over. Instead, the Wunda Weeder keeps a farmer in a comfortable position, and is even self-propelled.

The Wunda Weeder will cart around one prone farmer — and it actually allows one to weed, plant, hydrate the soil or whatever needs to be done — thanks to an electric motor powered by solar panels at the top of the Weeder. It can also be pushed if that's what's desired, guiding it around a field like a shopping trolley.

The Weeder has trays for plants, seeds, trash and more, and even has shades that can lower to protect the occupant from the sun and the elements. It's something of a mishmash of low-tech and high-tech idea, yet it solves a lot of problems a farmer faces. It all comes at a price, of course: $8,000.

Wunda Weeder, via Gizmag, via OhGizmo!

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