Wrist speakerphone: why no one wants Dick Tracy's bling

There have been several attempts, in concept and reality, at replicating the Dick Tracy wristphone. The technology to make one has been around for a while, so why are we only now seeing this Atomic9 wristband speakerphone? Simple: it's not a very good idea.

At first, the wrist speakerphone looks useful. Once it's paired via Bluetooth with the cellphone in your pocket, you can talk without actually "holding" anything. It displays caller ID and will even speak the caller's name at the touch of a button. It also acts as a digital tether, meaning it vibrates if you happen to leave your phone in a restaurant or the backseat of a cab — very handy.

But problems emerge pretty quickly. Most obviously, virtually all cellphones today already come with a speakerphone mode, and it's rarely used. Besides, is holding your wrist up to your head really much less effort than just holding the phone? Finally, this thing just cries out "I am a dork." Whether it's watches or bracelets, wrist accessories have always been more about form than function. While it might be possible to design a Bluetooth wrist phone that doesn't come with automatic Nerd Club membership, the creator this product clearly doesn't understand that.

So save your $100 and get a decent earpiece instead. Yes, you have to endure the douche factor, but at least that gadget is actually useful.

Via Atomic9

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