World's smartest beer-fetching robot recognizes your face and beer brand

Robot designers at Willow Garage take the next step in the evolution of robot bartenders with its intelligently designed PR2.

We've seen crude beer bots before, including one that will grab you a beer bring it to you, another that works at a bar, and a $200,000 model that can pour beer in a glass. But this one can open beer bottles, and its object recognition software allows it to differentiate brands of beer in the 'fridge. And, it's adaptable to your particular refrigerator. Once it's fetched that brewski, its face detection helps it deliver its frothy cargo to the right person.

One thing's for sure — they're going to need to speed up this sluggish bot — we could die of thirst waiting for this slowpoke.

PR2 and his well-trained software is not for sale yet, but his advanced capabilities remind us that it won't be long until we'll have robots doing our bidding in the home. Until then, a well-trained dog might be able to do pretty much the same thing.

Willow Garage, via GizmoWatch

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