Will we need to mine asteroids to support our gadget addiction?

Gadgets are a hot commodity these days, with everyone owning at least one computer and one cellphone, not to mention things like iPads, video game systems and other such devices. But all of them require platinum, an extremely rare metal. And you know where platinum is plentiful? In asteroids.

Yes, a single asteroid can hold billions of pounds of rare platinum group metals, all of which are extremely expensive and rare here on Earth. So mining just one single asteroid would supply such metals for centuries to come.

Because of this, the idea of actually going out and wrangling in an asteroid is beginning to be seriously discussed. Of course, it would have an insanely high price tag, but it would almost certainly pay for itself for whoever made it back with all that metal. So could we see dangerous space expeditions in the not-too-distant future that are about mining for platinum rather than for exploring the final frontier? It sure looks that way.

Wired, via io9

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