U.S. police forces add 'blinding laser' to non-lethal arsenal

We're all familiar with tasers and pepper spray. Now, there's a new non-lethal option to get acquainted with: the "Dazer Laser." It won't leave criminals blind forever, but it will have them seeing green for the few seconds it takes police officers to go in for the tackle.

Laser Energetics' Dazer Laser — which, if the video above is to be believed, is effective against everything ranging from your average man to a crazy, pipe-wielding, sunglass-lovin' vampire — won't leave burns like a taser and doesn't have the limited range of pepper spray.

Of course, hopefully it won't, you know, cause some permanent eye damage since you're firing a high-powered laser at someone's eyes. Laser Energetics says it won't, and that the range works anywhere from three feet to a mile away.

"If you can impair their vision where they can't effectively target or locate you," a rep for Laser Energetics said. "You're controlling them, you have those couple seconds you need, which in law enforcement is a year."

You can see how things are supposed to go down in the video above.

Via King5 Seattle News

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