Strange yet cool: Mini Cooper talks to itself in a British accent

Cars that talk, old news. Cars that talk in a charming British accent, however — that's pretty cool. To mark the Mini Cooper's 50th anniversary, BMW (the company in charge of Mini production since 2001) made a version of the car that does just that.

Dubbed "mission control," this feature is only available on the limited-edition Camden package, named after a trendy neighborhood in England. Not only does mission control provide the driver with regular status updates on maintenance, fuel levels and safety, but the various parts of the car speak to one another in cheery British accents. You won't find any monotonic robot voices here.

I haven't decided if this is cute or annoying or both, but if the incessant chatting does begins to wear on you, it can be shut off. Don't take my word for it, watch the video or configure your very own talking Mini.

Mini USA, via Car & Driver