Flexible solar panels are easier to set up than a rug

How much easier can it get? A company called SoloPower is rolling out flexible solar panels that it hopes will soon grace the flat roofs of office buildings. Looking at something like this, though, you can't help but think how great it would be if you could just toss it on your own home.

SoloPower's panels are lighter than your typical solar setup that's encased in glass, and it's easier to install, too. What's more, SoloPower's panels could still be mounted on a rack to give them some tilt, or just installed right onto a roof.

It's true that if you're looking into a solar option yourself there's really not much else you can do than get it professionally installed. Imagine, though, one day we may all be able to head into a Home Depot and walk out with a roll of solar cells that's light and super easy to install. That's where this kind of technology is taking us.


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