Terahertz tech lets you see through clothes from a mile away

Dreading those full-body scanners popping up at airports across the world? You ain't seen nothing yet. Now scientists have figured out how to see through your clothes from a mile away. The secret lies in tiny terahertz waves.

While terahertz waves can't see through water or metal, they've been able to peer through clothing and discern what's in your pockets for years. In fact, the tech is used to protect President Obama, spotting concealed weapons since his inauguration. The breakthrough is the ability to apply this x-ray vision at great distances, perhaps even as far as a mile away.

Instead of trying to bounce these miniscule terahertz waves off objects, physicists are projecting the terahertz waves onto an object, and then reading reflections from lasers aimed at that same object to identify precisely what it is.

Like a lot of high technology, this neat trick will come in especially handy for the military, where its first job will probably be to detect roadside bombs. Hey, this could save a lot of lives, but like most incredibly powerful gadgetry, it can be used for good or ill.

Via Gizmodo

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