Special golf camcorder lets you analyze your swing

Golf fanatics must spend an awful lot of money on stuff that's supposed to help their game, for example this special camcorder that's been designed specifically for recording your swing.

The V-Swing attaches to your golf bag and has a gooseneck lens that you can twist to point towards the tee. A super-wide angle lens means that the V-Swing captures your entire body from as close as six feet away, letting you see every move you make. Playback on the 3.5-in screen includes super slo-mo and frame by frame modes, and once you get your videos home, you can use V-Swing's motion analysis software, or upload your videos to the V-Swing community beard for analysis by a golf pro.

That all sounds pretty cool, but I wonder about that wallet stretching $350 price. As a camcorder it's really no more sophisticated than a Flip HD for about half the price. Is the wide angle lens and online community really worth that much more? Besides, the V-Swing can't do double duty as a regular camcorder, unless you want to look super dorky with the gooseneck thing waving around.

The V-Swing is available now for $350.

V-Swing, via Oh Gizmo

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