Solar-powered moped borrows design from the Batmobile

Oriol Guimera and Joan Cinca of Barcelona-based design firm, Guimeraicinca, joined forces to create this "armored" moped.

While the moped is parked, the solar panels charge and protect; when you're ready to head out on the town, just roll back the retractable shell and go. The SunRed may not be the zippiest vehicle on the road, but it can reach about 30mph with a range of 12 miles — and you're pretty much guaranteed to get lots of attention from other motorists.

Now, for the sad news: The SunRed is a concept, so it's not available for us regular folk to take for a spin, but maybe someday…

In the meantime, check out some other pictures of the SunRed below and judge for yourself if Tim Burton should sue the Guimera and Cinca for stealing his design of the Batmobile.

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