Thermostat knows where you are, and when you're heading home

Thermostats that you can set independently for different times of the day, or even control from your smart phone, aren't exactly news, but the Allure Mobile system takes this thinking one step further by automating the whole process.

Using an app that runs on your smart phone, Allure Mobile will turn down your cooling or heating systems automatically once you move a predetermined distance from your house, and then will crank it up again once you're getting close to home again. Allure claims energy savings of up to 30% over a standard thermostat.

This sounds like a great idea if you operate on an irregular schedule, and tend to forget to turn down the icy blaster as you head out the door.

Allure Mobile is available now for the iPhone and BlackBerry, with an Android version coming soon.

Allure Energy, via

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