Impressive video: Tiny helicopters pick up cargo with CLAWS

Remember those crazy quadrocopters? First, they stunned us with their amazing aerial prowess. Now, as promised, they're teaming up with one another to lift all kinds of things.

Developed by the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab, the engineers there have come up with a new claw attachment for the quadrocopters so they can grab on to things. In the video below the claw certainly comes in handy, as the 'copters can get together and lift planks in all kinds of formations.

Can you imagine what a concept like the quadrocopter could do on a larger scale? Swarms of them could carry out tasks from everything to delivering mail to construction. And what if they were much bigger? They'd make helicopters look clumsy by comparison, as the four rotors give them an unreal agility.

Via Engadget

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