Unmanned golf carts: The latest in military battle vehicles

Everybody is familiar with the unmanned Predator drone aircraft the US military has been using in Afghanistan, but now there are plans to replace ground support troops with a fancy upgraded golf cart called GUSS (Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate).

Controlled by an off-board soldier using a remote called the WaySight, the GUSS is equipped with a host of sensors that used in conjunction with sophisticated computer algorithms allow it to travel safely over a wide variety of terrain, day of night, without regard to the weather.

GUSS can be used to carry nearly a ton of supplies to troops in dangerous positions, and can even be used to evacuate injured troops without endangering the lives of support personnel. The main problem I see is the 5 mph top speed, not good if you're an injured soldier being evacuated while under fire

GUSS is currently being tested in prototype form, and could be seen on the battle front within a couple of years.

TORC Technologies, via Cnet Crave

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