Play Tetris in 3D with synchronized water droplets

The seemingly never-ending search for a 3D display without those cumbersome glasses goes on, and here's the latest: the AquaLux 3D system projects images onto numerous layers of water droplets. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have it tweaked up so well, you can play multileveled Tetris on it.

The secret is timing the droplets, falling at a rate of 60 per second, so that the tiny beads of water in the foreground don't get in the way of the layers behind them. This results in a display that you can view from just about any angle.

So far, it's crude, but if AquaLux's creators can add about 200 more layers, this might work for 3D movies. As it is, it can be interactive, with its images changing as you touch the water. Imagine the possibilities.

However, we're wondering, don't all those falling micro-droplets sound like a thunderstorm? If so, there must be a way to dampen the noise. On the other hand, just get some fast-talking marketers to call it "soothing."

Watch this video of the system in action:

Via GizMag

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