Personal submarine fits two people, costs two million

Owning a submarine used to be only something the super-rich were able to afford, but now...oh, wait, who am I kidding? It's still only something the super-rich can afford. But hey, this $2,000,000 personal submarine sure looks awesome!

Yeah, this two-person sub will let you descend up to 1,000 feet under the waves for up to six hours. It features a climate-controlled acrylic pressure sphere, a 120- and 24-volt battery bank, two 3-hp main thrusters, two 3-hp vertical thrusters, four external halogen lamps, upright seating, a VHF radio for communication with the surface and GPS so you know just where the hell you are in the Atlantic.

And geez, for only a cool two mil, you might as well buy two of them.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Uncrate

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