New images of DARPA's flying car

Not too long ago DARPA put out a call for a flying car, wanting something that had all the versatility on land as a Humvee, but also had Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities. Texas-based AVX Aircraft is stepping up to the plate, and its concept looks pretty close.

DARPA asked for something that could hold four troops, and wouldn't be much louder than a helicopter while flying, or an average car while driving. While we can't determine the latter as AVX's flying car is just a render right now, it certainly looks like a car with a helicopter blade on top of it.

The four-seater is designed to carry over 1,000 pounds 250 miles on a single tank of gas, and can travel 80 miles per hour while in the air and tops out at 140 on land. Once it's on the ground, it'd take 60 seconds for the vehicle to convert itself from its flying mode to get land-ready.

Will this be the flying craft DARPA ends up going with? We don't know yet, but just looking at this thing it really doesn't look too far out there, does it? DARPA really could get itself a flying car.

Popular Science, via Auto Motto

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