Mysterious email sent from 1969 plagues some iPhone 4 users

As if the iPhone 4 didn't have enough troubles, a mysterious software issue has been plaguing some users. There's a flurry of discussion on the Apple forums about blank email messages appearing on the iPhone that can't be deleted. Even more strange is the date that appears on those messages: December 31, 1969.

Almost as soon as iOS4 became available, some users began seeing emails appear in their MobileMe or Gmail accounts with no sender, no subject, and no content. The date on the messages was shown as 12/31/69 (though some users saw 1970). Weird, certainly, but not that inconvenient — until they discovered that, like the poncho, these unwelcome visitors from the 1960s couldn't be deleted permanently.

A number of forum members have suggested fixes ranging from the simple (just go to your Sent folder and go back) to the laborious (one user posted a 34-step process). Some have even been successful at fixing the problem, but it's often temporary. We contacted Apple to see if there's any official word on this email-from-the-'60s problem. If we hear anything we'll update this post. In the meantime, we suddenly have a hankerin' to listen to some Hendrix…

Via Apple Discussions

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