MIT's kitchen gadgets of the future make normal cooking obsolete

What happens when you let engineers into the kitchen? They completely reinvent the way cooking is done, at least judging by these concept kitchen devices by the MIT Media Lab.

The gadgets include a Digital Fabricator, which is a "personal, three-dimensional printer for food" that would very precisely combine and cook ingredients to create food never before seen.

The there's the Robotic Chef, which was "designed to physically and chemically transform a single solid food object, such as a steak, fish or a fruit." It's equipped with everything from drills to spice injection syringes to heating elements and would let you put a raw ingredient in and leave it to do its magic.

The final concept design is the Virtuoso Mixer, which is "a machine composed of a three-layer rotating carousel that provides cooks with an efficient way to mix multiple ingredient variations and experiment with subtle differences in taste and composition." It essentially lets you make your own ingredients from basic components.

Overall, it's a pretty crazy vision of what our kitchens might look like in a decade or two. What do you think? Too hands-off or much easier?

MIT via Neatorama

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