Massive, redesigned wind turbines produce three times the energy

Your typical wind turbine in operation today is a set of blades mounted on a horizontal axis. You know, like a windmill. Well, this is the Aerogenerator X, and it's making a case for a vertical axis and a much, much larger turbine.

Deployed out at sea, the Aerogenerator X would have a blade span of just over 900 feet — triple today's average turbine — and cranks out ten megawatts of electricity (also three times your usual turbine).

While the three-bladed, horizontal axis turbines we use today have gotten us pretty far, there's a worry that the design has peaked. We can't build them as big as, say, the Aerogenerator as the stresses from gravity would be too much and the cost alone would probably make it not worth it.

A coalition of green engineering firms would like to make something like the Aerogenerator a real prototype by 2013, with the aim of taking wind turbine tech into the next generation.

Via Inhabitat

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