Thief nabbed 10 minutes after snatching iPhone with tracking app

Some thieves just don't have luck on their side, like Horatio Toure, who thought he saw easy money when he spotted a woman walking down the street waving a shiny new iPhone.

According to the San Francisco PD Toure rode up on his bike, snatched the phone out the woman's hand, and sped off down the street. The only problem is the woman had been sent out by her boss at Covina Labs, as part of a test to demonstrate the company's new phone tracking software. Once she ran back into the office, the Covina staff called the cops and gave them second-by-second updates on Toure's location. Ten minutes later he was arrested and booked on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property.

"This reminds me of the bank robber who arrives during the security test," said Covina Labs CEO David Kahn, owner of the phone in question. He also pointed out that they could have activated the iPhone's microphone to listen in, or taken a picture remotely, but they didn't want to alert the thief to its special features.

Covina Labs' Alert & Respond software is designed for military and police users, as a way to locate personnel when they can't respond directly.

SF Gate

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