Looks literally kill with this next gen fighter pilot helmet

Defense contractor Raytheon is on a roll lately. First the company demos that powerful laser cannon we showed you earlier, and now Raytheon is showing off a monocle-like helmet attachment that'll have pilots killing with a glance.

Right now, pilots of planes such as the F-16 and A-10 have to bring their aircraft about if they want to engage a target. That means no firing solution until the plane is facing in the proper direction. With Raytheon's "Scorpion" monocle, pilots can send weapons data to their planes just by looking at a target. That makes for more fluid and faster overall target acquisition.

Another plus of the Scorpion: it's cheaper than building a full helmet and fits in the existing helms used by the Air Force today. Also, the Air Force wouldn't have to have a Scorpion for every pilot on the roster, but rather it could simply have enough for as many folks are in the air and swap out the add-ons.

The Scorpion can relay other data to the pilot as well, though it's this target-on-sight feature that sounds like it could be a real game-changer.


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