Trust your mechanic? With Audi's helmet cam, you don't have to

Do you trust your mechanic with your precious automobile? Do you sometimes have a sneaking suspicion that you're being charged for "service" that you don't really need?

Well, staying in the shop and standing over the mechanic's shoulder would be inappropriate. The next best thing? Watching a live, streaming point-of-view video while your mechanic does his thing.

That's the idea behind the Audi Cam, a new program that the German car manufacturer is launching in the UK. If you bring your Audi in to be tuned up at an Audi Centre, you're mechanic will be outfitted with a helmet cam and two-way radio so you can observe and comment on the job they're doing.

Annoying for mechanics? Undoubtedly! But it's a big step forward for armchair mechanics and incessant meddlers everywhere.

Autoblog, via Engadget