Jimmy Fallon plays the history of gaming consoles in 60 seconds

Yesterday on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon attempted to break a record by playing ten different video game systems in 60 seconds, completing at least one play on each before moving to the next.

He got awfully close, but had a little trouble teeing off playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the Nintendo Wii, leaving him too late to complete a play with Madden NFL on the Xbox 360.

The console lineup was an awesome display of historic systems and games, including classics like The Legend of Zelda on an original NES, Sonic The Hedgehog on a vintage Sega Genesis, and Donkey Kong Country on a Super NES.

Skip about 2.5 minutes into the video, unless you want to watch a guy getting slapped by pizza slices for another record.

Via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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