It's party time with a shipping container entertainment space

People have started using recycled shipping containers for all sorts of purposes, but this instant outdoor party space is by far the most fun way I've seen to reuse one of the old steel boxes.

Once it's been dropped into your yard, the Boxman folds open like Optimus Prime to reveal a fully equipped party space complete with a bar, tables and couches. Options are fully customizable, but a typical configuration would include couch seating for 20, a marble bar that seats an additional six, a bamboo dance floor, a DJ booth, and solar panels with battery storage to run everything. Setup takes around 20 minutes.

While I'm sure Boxman Studios would be happy to make one just for you, these are clearly designed as rental units. Still, it sure looks a lot easier than those big marquees people put up for fancy parties.

Boxman Studios, via Born Rich

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