Creep alert: TV remote that knows who's holding it

Intel is working on a new remote control for your television that would be able to tell who you are just by the way you hold it. It's not 100% accurate, though it uses motion sensors to log how you use it every 100 nanoseconds, and builds an ID out of that. That said, this is one remote that can be used for good and evil.

So, why would you want a remote to know who you are? Well, for parents, kids wouldn't be able to explore adult content they shouldn't see, whether it's a show that's too serious or a channel that's turned on to late night commercials.

That said, advertisers would also love to know who is using the remote. That way, they could use targeted advertising. Whether or not that's a good thing is actually up to us the viewers. Would you mind if your television knew who you were, and tailored itself thusly?

We probably won't see Intel's remote anytime too soon. The advertising thing is garnering it some attention, though its lack of accuracy right now makes it more of an interesting idea instead of a viable product.

Via Engadget

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