'Human-shaped' shower could be sexiest shower ever made (NSFW)

Can the design of your basic shower — a water-spraying nozzle hanging above your head — be improved? The thought may have crossed the mind of sculptor and artist Hubert Rieber when he conceived the Aquanatass human-shaped shower. It kind of went downhill from there.

Standing almost six and a half feet tall, Rieber's shower is shaped like a person — a vaguely creepy, emaciated person — that shoots water from its mouth and head, and gives you something to hang onto while you get clean. Or whatever you're doing in there. Which isn't hard to imagine when you look at the promotional photos below.

While the fountain-like water spray might be a perk, the philosophy behind the Aquanatass is that the human shape bestows "answers" and a "sense of security," among other things. Clearly, the idea of never showering alone can lead to other thoughts, which the product's marketing team took full advantage of.

Every one of these babies is hand-sculpted, and you can specify if you want it made of aluminum, bronze or wood. It's not for everyone, though — the Aquanatass is only available in Switzerland or the United Arab Emirates (which explains why that one lady is wearing a burka). Be sure to pick one up next time you stop in Dubai.

Aquanatass, via If It's Hip, It's Here

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