Homemade 'motorcycle shell' gets 200 miles per gallon

Dutch vehicle designer Allert Jacobs has been working on his "Aerocycle" for well on three years now. Yet even with its fiberglass shell and heavy modifications, the whole thing didn't cost much more than $5,000. All his hard work paid off, too: he gets an impressive 214 miles to the gallon.

Motorcycles can already be pretty efficient — and the aerodynamic shell only improves that. There are still a few kinks to hammer out, however. Stability is something of an issue, for instance. Jacobs can put his feet down Flintstones-style to steady the vehicle when it's stopped, though even still he can't plant them very wide.

So, how do you get out of this thing? You don't have to climb out, don't worry. It slides apart, as you can see below.

PopSci, via Auto Motto