Hey, boozehounds! Let the iPhone teach you bartending

iPhone apps are great time wasters, but wouldn't it be nice to get a little something back? Nimble Strong: Bartender In Training may look like a simple game at first, but it was developed in part by a cocktail journalist and comes off as not just another app.

Behind a cool art style and a fun premise, Nimble Strong hides a deep, dark secret: it claims it'll teach you how to make over 70 different drinks. Ugh, learning?

"I've been playing them for nearly three decades, and the number of applicable, real-world skills I've gleaned from them hovers right around zero," writes Justin McElroy, who reviewed the game for Joystiq. "But now, after playing through the entirety of Nimble Strong on the iPhone, I have a working knowledge of cocktail making."

The game teaches you not only the ingredients that goes into each drink, but also forces you to master timing and technique through your tap controls. This is the kind of stuff that really stands out to me — a simple, fun way to learn something new.

Nimble Strong goes for $5 for either the iPhone or iPod, though there's a free version you can try if you're keen to.

Nimble Strong, via Joystiq

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