This beautiful touch panel can save your PC from overheating

Whoever was behind all those gorgeous touchscreens aboard the Enterprise from Star Trek must also have had a hand in creating NZXT's Sentry LXE, because this thing looks just as good. We need more colorful touchscreens in this world.

The Sentry LXE's good looks aren't just for show, either. It performs an important role in the lives of high-end computing enthusiasts. It'll allow you to control the speed of your computer's fans to maximize their effectiveness, all the while feeding you important information like how hot it's getting in there. (Powerful graphics cards can run really, really hot.) In the even that things get too toasty, it also has an alarm to get your attention.

It's priced like a high-end computing peripheral, though, weighing in at $60. Now can we get gorgeous touchscreens like this on our toaster, coffee maker, fridge and the like, please?

HotHardware, via Engadget