Is this German Segway knockoff better than the real thing?

We've given the Segway a pretty rough time over the years here at Dvice, mostly because it's kind of big and clunky. A sleek slimmed down version is what we really needed, and now a German company called Nolodesign has created one.

The Ewee-pt takes the Segway concept, and puts it on a strict diet. On the Ewee, your feet stay close to the ground so you're not always a head above the crowd. That might not be so good for security patrol use, but it does make it much easier to get on and off, or to talk with people on the ground without towering over them. It's also less than half the width, and just over half the weight of a basic Segway, making it much easier to handle in tight situations.

Best of all is the price, which at €799 ($1050) is less than a quarter that of the most basic Segway.

Whether the Ewee is rugged enough for everyday use remains to be seen, and its small wheels will certainly suggest that it's better off indoors, but at first glance this looks much more promising than most of the Segway knockoffs we've seen.

Ewee-pt, via Engadget

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