Freeze your brain, live forever!

A cryonics lab in Russia — the first of its kind outside of the United States — is guaranteeing the most coveted promise of all: immortality. It's not even ridiculously expensive. $10,000 to put your brain on ice, or $30,000 for your whole body. But can it really work?

"We know that the personality is stored in the brain. So when a person's body is old, there's no reason to keep it," said Danila Medvedev, head honcho at KrioRus, the Russian company promising immortality. Then, in the future, when the technology exists, that brain can be put into a new body and be brought back to resuscitated.

It works by draining the body of blood and then filling it up with cryo-protectants. If this wasn't done, the water in your blood would expand when it freezes, which would rupture veins and cause a lot of internal damage. A lot of clients prefer this to be done after they are legally dead — something of a risky proposition, though the promise of "future technology" means you wouldn't need a brain in its prime.

Criticism of course, is heavy, as we don't currently possess the technology to perfectly freeze organs. "We don't give guarantees, we say it be stupid not to try," Medvedev says in defense of the company.

Think about it, though. How seductive is that hope? Death is pretty sure, but what if you did suddenly open your eyes again decades — or even centuries — later? Is that something you'd want?

Via PhysOrg