Fart-operated TV remote is one high-tech whoopee cushion

It doesn't look like much, but this hunk o' circuitry could perpetrate one of the greatest gags ever: someone farts, the channel changes. According to its creator, it could be the "first flatulent operated remote control in the history of the world." How far we've come!

Apparently, the creator got the idea for it after finding some DIY instructions for an office chair that tweets every time you fart (which also sounds amazing) and a brainwave reading headset. How does the latter fit into it? Who knows!

The best part: if encased in plastic and slid between the cushion of a sofa, you have yourself a stealthy way to trick people. Well, and a surefire way of telling who to blame for that smell. It's a win-win!

You can see a full guide on how to build your own here. Really, though, the Whoopee corporation or whoever should pick this up and make 'em cheap.

Instructables, via BoingBoing

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