Even New Zealand is making awesome exoskeletons now

This is Rex, a set of bionic legs from New Zealand that could one day replace wheelchairs. That's a promise that's not unique to Rex, yet the usability present — such as the way one can transfer from a chair to Rex without help — makes Rex a viable contender.

Below is a video featuring a fellow named Hayden Allen, who hasn't walked in five years. It speaks to the power of exoskeletons that he found out how to get himself moving in three days using the Rex. While the trustworthy wheelchair has certainly earned its keep, something like an exoskeleton would help stimulate a person's legs, which would keep blood circulation flowing and cut down on infections that stem from inactivity.

The biggest downside, though? The technology really isn't there yet to make something like the Rex cheap enough to give it to everyone who can't walk. Right now, a set of bionic legs from New Zealand looks like it'll cost $150,000.

Check out the video below to see Allen use the Rex.

Via Engadget

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