College uses creepy spy tech to stop cheating

Cheating on college exams is going to get a whole lot more difficult if you go to the University of Central Florida. The proctors watch over test takers like hawks, and are equipped with an arsenal of new techy tools at their disposal that are sure to capture the activities of those partyers who didn't feel like studying last night.

You'll be taking that exam in a room where computers are built into the desktops, making it hard to photograph the screen with that spy cam of yours. That's commonly done by cheaters to show to friends who will be taking the test later. Imagine that, you have to hold your secret camera at such a high angle, it will pretty much do the same thing as yelling out, "Look at me, I'm cheating!"

Don't even try making any suspicious moves, either, because a cop-like proctor will start recording everything you do on your computer in real time, while directing an overhead camera to zoom in on you. Feeling creepy yet? You'll feel even worse when all of your movements during the test are recorded as evidence onto a CD.

Too bad schools feel the need to treat students like criminals. Maybe colleges could just go back to the old days of spoken exams, an ordeal that's hard to fake. Oh wait, that would mean students would need to study rather than trying to outsmart the cheating police. Studying, in college? Might be a good idea.

Via Gizmodo

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