Ingenious bridge design solves a HUGE traffic problem

What happens when two countries are next to each other, and cars drive on the left side of the road in one of the countries, and the right side of the road the other? That's the case in Hong Kong and Macau, so creative designers found a way to ease the transition. Enter the Pearl River Necklace bridge.

As drivers navigate through this figure 8 configuration, at the same time, they'll need to adjust their mindset to keep from freaking out. I mean, have you ever tried driving in a country that customarily uses the opposite side of the road? For those of us accustomed to driving on the right, it's the right turns that freak us out.

Look in the gallery below, and you'll notice two less-elegant solutions that solve the same problem. Too bad this more attractive design, called "the Flipper," didn't win the competition.

Via GizMag

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