Behold, a trench coat with 33 pockets for gadgets

Own a lot of gadgets? Well, Scottevest is hoping that it's a hassle to carry them all around, and that you actually want to. If you can't leave the house without your phone, iPad, DS, camera and more, then check this out.

The list doesn't end there, either. In your trench coat alone Scottevest has made it so you can break your legs carrying pretty much any possession you imagine, including not one but two wardrobe pockets where you can store extra shirts and even shoes. You know. Just 'cause.

No word on how much this behemoth of a coat will cost if Scottevest ever really does bring it out. One thing that's particularly interesting: the collar of the trench coat has a "Personal Area Network" built in, which we imagine will help you keep all those gadgets you're lugging around connect. Somehow.

Technabob, via Gizmodo