Artist creates stunning portraits on his iPad

When Steve Jobs demonstrated the Brushes app during his iPad launch presentation, I thought it looked pretty cool, but was hardly something a serious artist would use. Now Brooklyn based artist David Jon Kassan has demonstrated how wrong I was.

In this time lapse video, we can watch as Kassan "paints" an amazingly realistic portrait of Henry William Oelkers using just his fingers and an iPad. In real time it took about three hours to complete, and was streamed live on Kassan's website.

Digital painting like this isn't exactly new, and artists have been using touch screen tablets like the Wacom for years. The iPad however is much more versatile, and its portability makes it handy for spur-of-the-moment painting whenever creativity strikes.

Of course if Apple had simply chosen to give the iPad the camera it deserves, the rest of us wouldn't require years art school in order to capture images with it.

David Jon Kassan, via TechEBlog