Apple updates iMacs, Mac Pros and Cinema Displays

Apple gave some healthy spec boosts to pretty much all of its desktop hardware today: iMacs, Mac Pros and Cinema Displays.

First, the iMacs: for the same price, both the 21.5" and 27" all-in-ones have boosted processors and graphics cards. They can also be configured to ship with the also-new Magic Trackpad. The base price for the smaller model is $1,199, and it goes up from there.

The new Mac Pros are now able to be juiced up to a maximum of 12 cores, which is two 6-core Xeon processors. The bottom line of this update is a processor update: from 45nm Nahalem processors to newer 32nm Westmere processors, which should provide better performance and less energy usage. Mac Pros start at $2,500.

Finally, the new Cinema Displays to go with those Mac Pros. You can now get a 27-inch model in addition to the previously-available 24-inch version. The design is familiar, basically looking like thinner iMacs without computers built into them. The 24-incher is $899 and the 27-incher is $999.

Via Apple

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