Apple giving out free cases to all iPhone 4 owners

Apple has responded to issues with the iPhone 4's antenna and "death grip" and essentially claimed it's a non-issue. But still, they're giving out free bumper cases to all iPhone 4 users.

Steve Jobs trotted out a lot of data on stage today at the emergency face-saving press conference Apple held, including the fact that the return rate of the phone is very low, there have been few AppleCare complaints about reception issues and that all phones have weakspots that kill reception when you touch them. Fair enough!

But despite those facts, they're sending out free bumper cases (and other, 3rd party cases) to all iPhone 4 buyers through September 30th. Already bought a bumper case? You'll get a refund.

Late next week iPhone 4 owners will be able to go on and pick which case they want and have it shipped to them for free. So, does this make everything all better?

Via Engadget

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