Airbus engineers go wild designing gorgeous future plane

Even Airbus admits that its concept plane is "not likely to come together" exactly how it predicts, but oh what a prediction it is: morphing, self cleaning seats; see-through walls; personalized, holographic decorations. Taking in all that and the plane's space-age looks, we think Airbus definitely has a right to call this an "engineer's dream."

Of course, it wouldn't be a futuristic design if it didn't improve the efficiency of air travel and all of that. Airbus thinks that the ecological impact that flying represents will be just as important to tomorrow's consumers as price, so the company see the plane using better materials, a sleeker and more aerodynamic design and razor-thin wings to glide through the air easier. That means it'll use less fuel, which will make it less detrimental to Mother Nature.

That's all great, but how about those personalized holograms eh? And a button to make the cabin transparent so you can see the air around you? That's just crazy. You can read Airbus's entire vision here.

Check out a bonus image of Airbus's concept plane down below.

Airbus, via Inhabitat, via Gizmodo

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