1,000 mph Bloodhound blurs the line between rocket and car

The current land speed world record is 763 mph, set by the ThrustSSC supersonic car in 1997. It was designed by a team including supersonic car pioneer Richard Noble, who is back again with the Bloodhound, a car that could set the bar even higher.

The Bloodhound uses three different methods of propulsion including a hybrid rocket, Eurojet EJ200 jet engine and an 800 bhp V12 engine. It actually started as part of a project to get students more involved in engineering pursuits, and what better way to do that than send a car soaring across the ground at a four-digit speed?

The car you see about is actually just a 42-foot-long, full-scale model. The real Bloodhound could be completed and ready for a test run as early as the end of next year. Until then, take a look at the SSC in all its glory in the gallery down below.

Autoblog, via Auto Motto

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