World's tallest residential tower will be a real-life Cloud City

Want to live in the tallest residential tower in the world? Bring your checkbook, Richie Rich, because the cheapest apartment in World One, a 1,470-foot monster now under construction in Mumbai will cost you $1.5 million, with the fanciest one going for $12 million. Just look at that high-altitude sundeck!

Environmentally conscious residents will be able to sleep well at night, assured that the oval-shaped fortress in which you reside is plenty green. It harvests rainwater and recycles it, soaks up the solar power, and it's kind of pretty, too. Too bad you'll have to wait until 2014 to move in.

Don't get too uppity, though. This is not the tallest building in the world, not by a long shot. That record currently belongs to the Burj Khalifi in Dubai, a mind-boggling 2,717 feet tall. But when its construction is complete, this gleaming World One will be taller than any skyscraper in the United States except for the Willis (nee Sears) Tower, which is 12.6 feet taller at 1482.6 feet.

And to think, Chicago coulda been a contenda for the highest apartment honor, until its entry in the tallest residential tower derby was nixed (okay, let's say it was "paused") because of the recent economic catastrophe. Dang. Even though it was vaguely phallic, we liked Santiago Calatrava's drill-bit-shaped Chicago Spire a lot better than this. Its most expensive apartment would have cost $40 million.

Via The Wall Street Journal