Will you be getting the new, slimmed-down Xbox 360?

It's all but official: a new, slim Xbox 360 is on the way. The news was outed by a leaked ad, but the ad itself mentioned Project Natal's change in name to Kinect before Microsoft did, so it's got a pretty big chance of being the real deal. The new design? It seems kind of, well, dated.

Maybe it'll be more curvy in person, but the black paint job and the boxier body are really giving us flashbacks to the days of the original Xbox.

Still, we can't argue with the new specs: a 250GB hard drive inside, built-in Wi-Fi (no more overpriced adapters!) just like the PlayStation 3, and, of course, compatibility with Kinect.

So, is your shelf asking for a slimmed-down Xbox 360? Given the failure rates of the original unit, we're going to wait a little bit before jumping in. How about you?

Via Joystiq