'Weedoo' watercraft to clean up swamps contaminated by oil spill

The BP oil spill poses problems not just of scale — 150 million gallons and counting — but also of location. While beaches are in peril, the sensitive wetlands of Louisiana face an epic gunking, and unlike sand, swamp and weeds are almost impossible to clean. Enter Greenboat Scientific's Weedoo workboats.

Originally developed as a greener alternative to the gas-power airboats you see in the south, the 10-foot lightweight fiberglass-and-foam Weedoo can carry several times their weight in oil-choked weeds, surface oil and other debris.

The Weedoo's rechargeable battery-driven propulsion system, with fingertip joystick controls, lets it maneuver easily through the shallow waters of the wetlands currently being smothered. Like a farm tractor, the Weedoo quick-change system allows it to connect to various add-on attachments — like the extractor conveyor system pictured here — or even a forklift or swing-arm cutter.

Based in Florida, Greenboat is revving up to produce hundreds more Weedoos; the firm estimates they can crank out one Weedoo per day right now, and Floridians displaced by the spill sure could use the jobs. So, BP Chairman Carl-Henrik Svanberg, you say you want to help the "small people" of the gulf coast? Give these guys a call.

Via Greenboat Scientific