Desktop gadget sprays stink when you type swear words

Okay, readers, it's time to clean up your act. That'll be easy with Pepper Mouth, a nasty little stink-bomb canister that you plug into your USB port that releases its odiferous payload whenever you type swear words.

This first version blasts its obnoxious peppery smell whenever it detects your online vulgarity, first warning you with a red light, and then upon a second offense, punishing you relentlessly for your potty mouth.

Built as an experiment/demo and reminder of the various surveillance methods currently creeping into your online life, its not-so-subtle scent urges you not to type anything online that you wouldn't want to have read in court.

F*ck the swear-word punishment — this gizmo should be reprogrammed to react to clichés, then given to every writer on the planet. Let's start with any references to grains of salt, talk of people throwing up little bit in their mouths, and the most overused, worn-out word of all: awesome.

Via Ultra Modern Life Training Lab