These glasses track where you're looking, for better or worse

These Tobii Glasses could shield your eyes from the sun or clear up your astigmatism, sure. But that would make them just a boring old pair of glasses. The feature that makes them stand out? The ability to track exactly where you're looking at all times. Wandering eyes begone!

They do this via a VGA camera mounted where the stem meets the eyepiece. They allow the glasses to see exactly what you, the wearer sees. IR emitters help improve the tracking and a hip-mounted computer powers and records the whole thing. The result? A video that shows not only your point of view in the direction you're facing, but exactly where you're looking.

The whole point of the things are for market research, to see what parts of ads people look at and things like that. But really, think of the possibilities! Filmmaking, marriage counseling and very creepy stalking all come to mind. Let's think outside the box here, people.

Ubergizmo, via Thoughts From the Sidelines