The good and bad about Dyson's latest Air Multiplier fans

Vacuum revolutionary James Dyson has unveiled new shapes and sizes for his crazy, bladeless "Air Multiplier" fans. The first ones were designed to sit on your desk. These? The stand over a three feet tall and look striking, but they've got one unfortunate thing in common with their predecessors.

Up above you can see the AM02 Tower Fan, left, and the taller AM03 Pedestal Fan on the right. The Tower stands three feet tall and has a long, oval-like mouth, while the even taller and adjustable Pedestal features a more conventional circle. Both will move up to nine gallons of air around a room to cool it, and look good doing it.

You've probably already guessed the bad news, though: the price. You're looking at a $450 bill to free yourself of fans with blades. We're not calling the price unfair — the Air Multipliers are as beautiful as they are powerful — we're just saying.

Dyson, via CrunchGear