The scariest pool in the world, 55 stories above ground

The "Sands Skypark" in Singapore is a pool, greenway and casino with an usual location. The whole thing sits atop not one, but three skyscrapers that make up the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The infinity pool itself is nearly 500 feet in length and features no discernible edge. So what would happen if you swam over?

Don't worry, you wouldn't just plummet to the streets below. Instead, you'd fall where the rest of the water does: a basin that also acts as a filter for the water and sends it back up to the pool. Sounds pleasant, right? We haven't see a picture of it, but we imagine you just get right out of that basin yourself, rather than get forced around in tubes Willy Wonka-style.

The skypark, designed by architect Moshe Sadie, is itself is nearly 1,250 feet long, and is a new addition to the $6 billion dollar hotel. An interesting note: the hotel-topping casino is free for visitors, but residents of Singapore have to pay a $70 entrance fee as the government there is trying to discourage gambling.

Down below is a picture of the Marina Bay Sands in all its glory.

designboom, via Gizmodo