Smart armband measures sleep, counts calories

Lots of gadgets promise to help you get fit, but here's one that'll tell you if those gadgets are actually working. Over the course of the day, the KiFit armband counts the calories you burn and measures your sleep patterns — essentially telling you how healthy you're living.

Based on technology to measure hospital patients on life support, the KiFit works a lot like the Nike+ system: wear it to measure your health, and connect it to your computer to view the results online. The sensors on the band measure your body's temperature, moisture (how much you're sweating) and motion. From that, it can tell you how many calories you've burned and how restful your sleep is.

The idea is great, and it's impressive that the KiFit can measure how deep your sleep is with a decent amount of accuracy. But we're still doing a spit take at the $300 price tag. And the company asks for a $20 monthly subscription on top of that! As cool as this is, you're probably better off getting a Wi-Fi scale instead.

Via Shiny Shiny